Kalonzo to Uhuru and Ruto; Yes!I will Join Jubilee Under this One Condition.

By Musau Kasyoki

As the head of state makes his developmental in roads around the Ukambani region, one person is missing in action while the other is having the best moments of his time.

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The former vice president during the Kibaki era, a former powerful Kamba point man of former president Moi during KANU days and the current Wiper Party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is missing in action while Wiper rebel governor Dr. Alfred Mutua is enjoying the three day moments of his political career.

When president Uhuru made comments of about his visits to the region, Kalonzo had indicated that he would join the president during the tour.

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However, details emerging from formidable sources indicate that the CORD co-principle skipped the events due to the fact that he had not been invited to the area.

This intimately indicates that Wiper Party leader is ready to join Jubilee with his Ukambani load of support if the strategic team managing any presidential visit in the area did recognize him and involved him in there plan hence create room for more future engagement.

He would not mind putting the CORD related affairs at bay and support Jubilee in quest for development agenda and also embrace their political machinery in-roads in the area.

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As the Jubilee heavy machinery kicked off the tour in the area, Kitui senator David Musila flanked by a number of Ukambani MPs addressed the media and announced that they would find their way into the president’s caravan as elected leaders of the region to represent their people.

However, he cautioned anyone from taking credit over the project in the area since they were initiated many years ago by the area leaders.

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While addressing Machakos resident, governor Alfred Mutua has been looking happy than ever bearing in mind his maendeleo Chap Chap agenda is enjoying governments air play as he strategises to appease the Ukambani voting basket.

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