By Mathioya Mathioya

KCB Group’s Joshua Oigara is worth Ksh 220M; Interestingly, 18 years ago,he earned Ksh 5000.

KCB Group chief executive officer Joshua Oigara has today declared his wealth. He follows Safaricom’s CEO Bob who recently declared his wealth together with his annual salary earning.

This move is meant to bring the necessary sanity to the private sector.

Oigara is said to be worth worth Ksh 350 million with a 130 Million in loan, which translates into a net worth of about 220 million.

In his statement, Oigara said that Kenya is bleeding from the corruption menace that is ultimately crippling its earned glory.

He added that the growth that is necessitated by the money squandered through corruption could otherwise be used to transform Kenya’s social and economic in terms of health, education and other economic transformations.

His monthly basic salary is Ksh4.9 Million a figure slightly lower than that of his peer from Safaricom’s Bob Collymore.

What is interesting about his statement is that he started off as a teacher earning only Ksh 5000 in a village school.

Over the last 18 years, he has soared through ranks until the time he ascended into Kenya Commercial Bank’s senior most post to serve as the CEO.

The KCB bank is said to have a annual revenue of about Ksh60 billion.

He reiterated that, corruption takes equal opportunities that are meant for the rightful people in the Kenya employment sector.

He said it has become more hurting to realize that even internship placements, promotions and other opportunities have turned out to be attracting corruption related cases.

He claimed KCB offers a transparent recruitment exercise by offering the jobs to the right people in the industry.

If more private sector players follow suit, it will be easy for the government to crack down on the corrupt officials within the Jubilee administration.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has promised to go after all corrupt officials within the government to ensure sanity gets back to the public sector.



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