By Ndirangu wambugu

Kenya’s Sitire behind Political Loyalty,Kingmanship and undying power brokers.

One of the world most quoted tenet quips that simple minds discuss people; average minds discuss events while great minds discuss ideas.

Somebody else further added that in our African set up, the students who score A’s depends on B’s graduates to link them with jobs created by C’s who turn out to have appetite for risk and more aggressive in soliciting capital to try out ideas which often becomes big firms, a major source of employment.

Satirically the analysis continues, the D’s students end up being thieves, policemen and politicians, as such the later controls the rest.

Where thieves terrorizing the rest of the pack, the policemen either collaborate with the thieves or have to be tipped to offer security to them and the politicians often end up in parliament as our waheshimiwas tasked to pass legislations that are effected to govern on the people.

As such the ultimate control of the masses lies with the later.

If our typical politicians aren’t discussing people, they are either singing praises for their masters or directing scathing attacks to their adversaries, both real or imagined, in the form of tribe X and tribe Y.

Else, they are busy discussing occurrences and their ramification on upcoming electioneering cycle.

Political rallies, whose congregation entails of dis-empowered youths transported from wherever under a promise for a small pay, are often riddled with calls for unity amongst ethnical grouping, not actually to have the unity to guarantee success in those given ethical grouping social –economic undertakings but rather to make it easier for these tribal kings to acquire their tribesmen solidly behind them, very essential collateral in the political brokerage market.

Worse off, tribesmen keep offering their undying loyalty to such power brokers in the veil of leaders; consequently, they keep minting money from every election while their kinsmen keep languishing in poverty.

Such powerbrokers tend to become more pronounced once the elections are at the corner.

They drive huge cars, fly helicopters to get to their far flung kinsmen during social events, burials, weddings and harambees where they give generous donations and their speech have the phrases like ‘WE tribal this and that,..blah blah…’ being conspicuous.

A well choreographed speech to make us perceive them as our savior. Such a folly!!

Lest I land myself in trouble with our political class, the problem in my own assessment is not politicians neither is it we, the people.

In words of strongman, Museveni, during his swearing –in ceremony back in the 80s,’ African problem isn’t the people but it’s leaders’ ; I would add,… it’s leaders not being guided by a set of ideas, an ideological framework in the name of a political party.

In Kenya, we lack genuine political parties. Not a single of our lead politician has consistently stayed with a given political party neither consistently advocated for a given philosophy.

Political parties are simply vehicles to land folks to seats of power, often with filthy rich folks –their source of wealth not withstanding -as the party leaders.

With loads of money and an ethnical framework as the cornerstone any political party is set to go. This as ken of Uungwana Initiative calls it, is sheer Ushenzi.

That until we secure ourselves effective political parties that shall we then, all arise with our hearts both strong and true, in common bond united build this our nation together.

Son of the soil,




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