By Mathioya Mathioya


Kenyatta University’s ‘KM’ market Sex and Orgies boom; the new Sodom and Gomorrah in Town.

In our daily investigative segments, we come across various opinions issued by the people we see and meet around, trust me, we always follow up.

And now, Kenyatta university’s ‘KM’ sex, drug, orgies and shisha parties caught our eye and made up our mind to dig deep into this new intrigue.

We also realized that there has been an outcry from the public in relation to ‘KM’ the universities neighboring market in relation to matters relating to theft, mugging alcoholism and now it has new accolade in it safe, it is the new Sodom and Gomorrah in town.

The Expose

A point to note is that, we didn’t just pick on Kenyatta University’s ‘KM’ market, this was after a thorough monitoring of the areas around all Kenyan public universities, I mean, Moi University, JKUAT, UON, Egerton and others, together with their neighborhoods to try and drop our next exposé, we settled on Kenyatta University’s most notorious market center, ‘KM’ market. KM market center is located in the outskirts of Nairobi, and KU students associate with it much.

Despite the fact that KU has high flying infrastructural designs, an ok management which is said to be the best in making countless number of infrastructural developments, of which, the students boast of regularly, KM market center spills a vomit over all these goodies.

Alcoholism and Rise in Fake students cases

On your first entry to ‘KM’ market, the first thing you will notice is regular booze of alcoholics who loiter all through from one joint to another.

Drunkards of all walks of life trickle in this den every morning as others leave. Un-estimated number of clubs and bars are recorded to be in this area.

People who have knowledge about KM normally travel from as far as Kapenguria to come and make merry with the said university divas, who some residents, claim are a fraud.

The women in this area dress skimpily to attract clients while faking students’ identity cards to woo potential clients.

Isaboke, a third year students claims that many women who masquerade as KU students in the area are in fact not students of the facility.

‘KM’s Commercial Sex Boom

Commercial sex workers have taken advantage over this by regularly camping in the area to cash in the university loan stipend that the students get at the beginning of the semester.

It is reported they cash in heavily by charging expensively for sex offers, since, many clients assume they are students who are fresh in the world.

Through our tour in the area, we realized many university students of the female gender distanced themselves from the ills of ‘KM’ while the male gender were proud of ‘KM’ saying it was a form of identity to the area.

Shisha parties and sex Orgies boom

Shisha parties are on trend in this area, here in ‘KM’, Johnny asserts that days are gone when people used to smoke cigarettes only, he had a party a week ago and those who confirmed attendance on their Whats-app group claimed that if there was going to be no shisha, definitely there would be no partying! Sex and orgies are normally dropped here in public after hard drinking.

The few lodgings in ‘KM’ area are reported to always fill to the brim. Beyond 6pm every day, especially on Fridays.

Mwaniki a landlord in the area said he had to convert his residence into lodging on realizing there was this lucrative opportunity.

The Big Question

The question remains, is the Kenyatta university student fraternity that feeds KM rotting trend? Its definitely a complicated matter since rich patrons drop ladies in heavy fuel guzzlers around this place and consequently others pick them.

We will still continue to follow up the story and bring you the real pictorial gallery of the area to see for yourself.

You are a student from Kenyatta University? drop you comment here in relation to this story.




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