By Safarionline Correspondent


The move by the Nairobi county government to ban Boda boda operators from the CBD is hurting and brings more harm than good to the county. Kidero’s Nairobi County Offensive Ban Over Boda Boda Operators Ill advised Gesture that will have negative impact to it dependants in Nairobi County.

The county through a statement to newsrooms on Monday issued the prohibition with reference to last years traffick acts.

Boda Boda operators ferrying cummuters around Nairobi Central business were warned of an impeccable arrest.

The county officials who some allegedly own the Taxi businesses have been accused of placing personal interests first.

Boda bodas are just irreplaceable and the county should learn to cope with them.

At times the traffic is so much and one has no option but to just board one, in times of emergencies this is the quickest option.

Boda bodas are a source of employment to hundreds in each town. Many kids are now going to school thanks to the business; many families can now afford a daily bread.

This mode of transport has its own challenges too, like most robberies and car jacking’s done by robbers who take advantage of the same, some Boda Boda riders are untrained and have led to accidents.

Some motorcycles are accused of violating traffic rules among other issues but all the same these challenges cannot justify this ban.

The gains outweigh the challenges. With this type of mentality Kenya and its devolved governments should never talk of projected growth in economy and improving living standards of its people.

It’s a fallacy of its making.

Most of the employees in this sector are youths. The county should create an enabling environment for them to enable them grow.

Crime has gone down due to employment created by this type of jobs in the informal sector. The county should even go further and subsidize other items which can create jobs.

That’s my challenge for the county.










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