By Mathioya Mathioya

Legendry Mugithi Maestro and one man Guitarist Salim Junior Laid to Rest, This is his Story.

Popular kikuyu one man guitarist and Mugithi maestro Paul Mwangi alias Salim Junior has been laid to rest in his rural home in Arash, Subukia Subcounty in Nakuru County.

The celebrated top mugithi song bird built his prowess in guitar after he was trained by his father who was also a musician.

His voice was a sharp siren that thoroughly with no doubt used to bring the coded Kikuyu messages in music home.

salim junior
salim junior’s send off

Salim passed on at the age of 41. He was the firstborn in his family made of ardent music fanatics and musicians who with no doubt diligently learnt the trade from their father.

Salim Junior schooled in Subukia primary school.  Large masses of people gathered at Subukia shopping centre where together with politicians, journalists and fellow musicians celebrated his well lived life.

The last time Salim Junior performed was during the festive season. His peers in music Mike Murimi and Mike Rua had earlier narrated the life they lived in early 1990s, where they together performed under the Late Queen Jane’s band.

Mike Murimi, now a solo artist explained how they together sharpened their music career as young Turks before breaking to chase their solo music career.

Salim had gone through a metamorphosis of challenges back in the days when he broke the ice by being among the pioneer one man guitarist in Kikuyu music.

He did commendable renditions cutting across the divides, in both secular and Christian top Kikuyu hits.

He is said to have faced a mirage of challenges to record the popular Kikuyu hits as by doing their renditions since artist who had done original records were opposed to his move.

Despite the fact that he faced those blockades, he broke through to do exemplary hits, whereby, other Kikuyu artists have broken into the same route to do popular renditions and raking millions.

Salim did renditions for all time Kikuyu hit songs from legendry musicians’ such as the late Sammy Muraya, Wanganangu, Francis Rugwiti, DK, Kamaru among many others.


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