By E Makena

The mention of the term Kenyan Safari often conjures images of people on four wheel drives and pair of binoculars in hand. But as I discovered last weekend, a Safari doesn’t have to be on a car or miles away.

Whether it’s savoring the leisure of bird-watching under the expanse blue African skies, enjoying sweeping views of Kenya’s iconic wildlife, strolling under  shades of trees or getting a glimpse of varied aquatic life, Nairobi Safari Walk was the ultimate treat for a nature lover like me.

Here, I enjoyed the benefits of a classic Kenyan safari not on four wheels but on foot.

Barely 20 minutes after my colleague and I leave Ambassador in CBD aboard a Matatu, we alight at Nairobi National Park entrance along Langata road. It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and as we make our way into the park, the ambience changes.

There are many trees swaying lazily releasing a calm breeze descending on us with an ultimate therapeutic effect. A guard at the gate enquires about our destination and directs us appropriately. Through the gate one can access Nairobi Safari Walk, Nairobi Orphanage and the Nairobi National Park.

From the raised wooden boardwalks one gets a panoramic game viewing at very close proximity. No binoculars needed to zoom , the animals are close enough for us to see clearly.

The first sighting we make is that of a hippopotamus.  It’s nonchalantly immersed in a pond, with only its wide head and defined eyes hovering above the water. It doesn’t move an inch as visitors gather around its enclosure.

It’s a busy day at the Safari walk, as visitors have come out in big numbers to enjoy the Easter holidays.

Further along the boardwalk three white and black Columbus monkeys are hurdled together in a wooden enclosure. They dart their eyes when they see the camera of our photographer focusing on them.  We hear a thunderous sound nearby and curiously look closer. Covered in brown mud Dubai; a Northern white rhino circles his enclosure grazing in solitude. “He is 17 years old and originally from Olpejeta Conservancy in Laikipia, “a guide reveals.

Monkeys, hippos, rhinos are not only Nairobi Safari walk’s wildlife. As one ventures deeper into the walk, the scenic splendor of Kenya’s rich wildlife unfolds. We spot a rare albino zebra, cheetah, crocodile bongo antelope, gazelles, and buffalo among others.

With the place being home to more than 150 tree species visitors get to sample an exquisite blend of the country’s wide range of flora and fauna. It’s a beautiful reflection of what one is likely to find by visiting the country’s parks, conservancy’s and other protected areas.

Its raised boardwalks offering a clear view of the animals, effortlessly add to Nairobi Safari Walk’s ingenious charm. They also give a scenic view of Nairobi National Park’s wild magnificent expanse. The safari walk bears sharp contrasts.

As a place where the country’s vast natural beauty lies undiluted within a city where civilization has taken over. All in this natural treasure offers momentarily escape from the bustle of the city.


The Carnivore Nairobi

Situated four Kilometres from the city Centre, it’s the ultimate place to enjoy sizzling meals, drinks and a memorable partying experience all in one space.

Galeria Mall

For those accessing Safari Walk from Rongai and Karen the Galleria makes a great stopover. Located on 12 acre piece of land, the mall has great facilities to shop, dine and for children to play.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage

As the name suggests, it’s hosts wild animals that are orphaned. Its within the same compound with Nairobi Safari walk. Visitors get to see an array of wildlife in the orphanage.









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