Magufuli confirms NASAs rumors of tallying centre in Tanzania

Tanzania now has responded to claims that NASA has a tallying centre in Tanzania. Although the air was cleared by NASA principle during the recently held presidential debate, the country has had to talk in relation to the matter.

Tanzania’s President Magufuli through his State House communications director George Msigwa has however denied knowledge of the Kenya’s Opposition setting up a tallying infrastructure in the country.

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“Ask those who are claiming that there is a tallying centre in Tanzania, they can tell you where it is. The State House in Tanzania does not have any knowledge on the same,” Mr Msigwa said.

NASA insiders have previously confirmed that they are putting up tallying centre back-up servers in Kenya, Tanzania and Germany.

In addition, thousands of satellite phones and over two hundred thousand agents are being deployed by the Opposition coalition in a Sh1.5 billion vote protection budget. According to leaked information from the secretariat, the five agents to man each of the 40,800 polling station and the tallying centres in Nairobi, Tanzania and Germany are part of the wider plan to deny the incumbent a chance of manipulating figures.


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