By Mathioya Mathioya

Maina Kageni’s Radio Africa Group to sack close to 50 employees in an Overhaul.
Classic FM’s Radio Africa Group is planning to conduct a major overhaul that will see its management sack all joy riders in the company whom it says have been hanging on the company’s fortune.

Through a memo that circulated on the corridors of this lustrous media house, it indicated that there will be shake off in its management. This is in an attempt to bolster its profit making capacity.

The company prides in Classic 105’s FM radio fortunes which translate the company profits into millions daily.

Through its CEO and owner of the company, Patrick Quacco, the company is intending to take a U-turn and follow its competitors suit Mediamax Network Limited, The Standard Media Group and the Nation Media Group who last year sacked some of their employees in a sudden shake off that was meant to streamline their operation in the industry.

Royal Media Services has remained as the only top media house in Kenya that has not done any structural changes in its image in the Kenyan crowded media industry.

Radio Africa Group called a company meeting sometimes over the week and the company CEO Patrick Quacco who is of Ghanian origin announced the unwelcome story to the entire staff.

Quacco added that they intend to bring up a Convergent newsroom that will slash off the un-necessary expenses the company has been incurring daily.

In the meeting, the media mogul said they needed to get rid of the redundant employees who are siphoning the company’s hardly made fortunes without any absolute reason.

In the incoming shake off, more than fifty employees will be shed off which leaves many reporters and radio presenters in the company on a low motivated work environment which had previously taken over other top media houses when such heartbreaking announcement were made.

Some employees whom we talked to through our reporters indicated that there is an absolute low morale level in the entire newsroom since the axe can fall on any person at any time.

Radio Africa Group is located along Waiyaki Way and boast of Classic 105, Radio Jambo, Kiss 100,XFM, Kiss TV and the Star Newspaper.



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