man chops off his wife’s private parts
man chops off his wife’s private parts

Wonders will never cease. In Kenya, you cannot hold on for a minute without a new happening, I mean breaking news.

This is now for today; A Man chops wife’s private parts in a brothel, Tomorrow you will still be on this site reading a new happening that we cannot fail to document.

However, we are used to scribbling stories relating to men being battered or swapped by women. The stories are always not from far, not so near though depending on your proximity.

They always feature the Nyeri women who either have stream lined a man’s face with acidic substance or they have chopped off their manhood assets. This time round, it is the other way round, here goes the story.


Here it is, a man chops off his wife’s private parts in a brothel after cornering her in Nairobi’s with another man.

A man this morning has chopped off his wife’s private parts after cornering her with a man in a brothel, a man who is said to have been romping her for a long time. The man is said to have been forgiving her despite the fact that he has caught her several times.

The ordeal happened in one of Nairobi’s suburbs that is a stone throw from mathare slum in Nairobi. Our insiders have discovered that the two couples have been accusing one another over infidelity and this incident did not come as a surprise.

Neighbors who witnessed the ordeal described the incident as shocking. Our attempts to take the story from the woman who was rushed to a nearby clinic in mathare slum were futile as the medics in the clinic denied us access.

The eye witnesses said that the couple has been fighting now and then over undisclosed reasons. The man is still at large since he escaped the moment he realized he had committed the fatal act. However, the woman is said to have been sleeping around with men in brothels.

Cases of domestic violence have been on the rise in Kenya owing to tough economic time. This is because most of the times, the couples on brawl are either fighting over infidelity issue or economy related fights. This is barely three months when a woman chopped off his husband’s private parts in Nyeri due to infidelity issues. The case is still in court after the woman was arraigned in court.


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