The English premier league title contest is taking a formidable turn owing to the manner in which the teams have positioned themselves on the league table, despite the fact that the league is still raw.

It remains unclear who will take a clear sheet with the leading team battling with not enough points to forge forward. On top of the table is Manchester City.

Manchester City has enjoyed a number of league titles before Chelsea overlapped them. Manchester City did a formidable restructuring of the team eight years ago which close to ten years later seems to be paying back.

The owners of Manchester City pumped enough cash that surprised everyone within the English Premier League insiders which later lend to introduction of the financial fair play.

They brought in the likes of Yaya Toure, Gael Clinchy and some who exited later after a short stint of under-performing. It seems this seasons EPL title is headed to the Etihad stadium.

This is reasonably because no team in the EPL league this season seems to pause enough challenge that can bring down the already fiery Man City. Lowly imagined Leicester City is second with eleven points.

If Leicester City continues lagging second, a sane football fan will automatically tell you that Man City will continue increasing the gap and consequently widen the lead.

Leicester has no legitimate power to oust Man City from the top post on the league table. This is no hate against Leicester but it is squarely basing on their capability.

Arsenal is fourth after enjoying an interesting second week when other rivals of the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea had a dire flop.

Hopefully, they will take head on the League leaders Man City and pose a threat. I intentionally overlooked Manchester United who are a distance third due to the reasons legitimized by my understanding that they are headed nowhere despite the fact that their new signing Anthony Martial impressed in their match against Liverpool notwithstanding.

This is the excitement within the Man U fan base which is increasingly un-warranted excitement for a sane soccer fan.

This because Man U’s Anthony Martial’s goal against Liverpool was illegitimately induced and had no new special approval basing on other superb goals that were scored that week especially comparing it to the one Benteke scored.

Hence, it is a premature for any fan to celebrate that kind of a goal at this era.


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