The English Premier League heads on another weekend of battle of titans. All guns are drawn to a continued fight that will see top league clubs trying to re-position themselves for the top sport at the league table.

Over the week, UEFA Champion League contenders were all thumps up against one another to try and snatch a top spot on their groups.

Chelsea will be facing their opponents this weekend with a positive node after beating lowly Maccabi Tel Aviv in their UEFA Champions league tie, Manchester City will be trying to roll over a loss to the Italian club Juventus despite the fact that they are on top of the EPL table.

Manchester United are on football Death bed As Mercurial Arsenal is set to Recover from their loss to no nonsense Dynamo Zagreb.

Manchester United are not expected to recover from their hangovers since football pundits have predicted there is no sign of a taunted win.

Arsenal is poised for a heavy comeback since formidable signs are showing they can do better owing to their mercurial display on field this season.

With Manchester united on soccer death bed as Arsenal poised for a mercurial comeback, Leicester city will have to seek refuge to their back end position in the relegation zone.

Much cannot be said about Liverpool this weekend after the soccer technocrats giving them close to two decades grace period of finding a positive story to write about them.

Liverpool fans say they will never walk alone, after wasting a number of talents in their camp; it’s now the right time to accept that they need an Arsene wenger in their camp to get back on their feet.

However, the winner will take it all. The UEFA Champions League second round matches are, however, a definite determiner in that if Arsenal, and Manchester United will not find their way out of the losses they made, they should automatically forget the title.


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