By Mathioya Mathioya

Mathioya Resident’s Emotional LETTER to PRESIDENT Kenyatta; Please, this time round, Hear their cry.

State of theroad in mathioya
State of theroad in mathioya

Mathioya residents are wailing in desperation after their only road infrastructure, GITUGI-NJUMBI-MIORO road remains in disarray years after independence. This is their emotive letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Dear Mr. President Sir,

We salute you Mr President; pleasure is ours to address you as the constituents of Mathioya constituency in Muranga County.

We must admit that we are teeming with optimism as we register our case to you. It is in us that the moment this very letter lands in your able hands then a brighter Mathioya is inevitable.

As a constituency and a county at large we pride ourselves much, for we boost great agricultural potential and magnificent natural features that enhance the serenity and the beauty of our homeland at the slopes of aberdare ranges.

Nevertheless, there is an itch that has caused obscurity on the faces of our people setting an otherwise happy people in a state of downcast.

More piercing is the fact that the itch has lasted closer to 25 years, long enough to witness three heads of state.

Mr PRESIDENT, promises were made by the immediate former two with no fruitage, however, you being the third and allluding from biblical a teaching then that means divine perfection.

If so then, we are pregnant with expectation that the itch in shape of GITUGI-NJUMBI-MIORO road project will be addressed for the interest of the locals and the nation at large.

MR.PRESIDENT sir, if we may take you back a little bit and referencing from your speech during the burial of our former MP, the late Hon. J.J Kamotho, hope was restored when you promised a swift completion of the feature by the contractor in charge NYORO CONSTRUCTION Company.

As Mathioya locals, we could not have wished for any better promise. However, with Ksh 2.4Billion having been earmarked for the project and the date of completion having been set on 15/02/15, it’s disheartening that less than 20% of the project has been accomplished.

As a matter of fact, the road which 41KM is rendered impassable any time slight rains fall and what should be a connector to the various productive areas reduced to a farming land, not mentioning the danger it poses to passengers, the lives lost due to its impassability while trying to access health care in the nearby amenities and not mentioning that the condition threatens to cripple and condemn our area economy to a wheel chair.

Mr. President, you should know that we have not been quiet on this, recently we had seating with our MP Clement Wambugu on the same still with no fruitage.

We further took our grievances to the contractor where we were given empty promises. You should feel our discontent on 23/1/16 when we held a peaceful demonstration expressing our disapprobation with the contractor, once again to our annoyance because nothing much that has been done or any valuable communication made.

For this reason Sir, we are humbly requesting you to intervene. We totally believe in what you said inferring that some company somewhere is failing you.

As the president, you owe the people of Mathioya that promise, repay it back/. It is our wish and expectation that come 2017, when you call us NDUGUZANGUNI, let’s have a reason to smile. Gitugi-Njumbi-Mioro Road could be that reason and we believe it is a matter of time before a new dawn arrives.

God bless Kenya.



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