John Nyaga Njagi AKA DJ Patchez
John Nyaga Njagi AKA DJ Patchez

He is a down to earth and a charming DJ whom your wife might be damn into. Meet this sassy DJ whom your wife could be romping in town.

John Nyaga Njagi who goes by the stage name DJ Patchez, a cool and a well reserved veteran DJ who deserves to be given up to in this demanding trade.

He has been in the game for over a decade and still not yet counting the exit count down.

When I walk up to him for an interview at Mediamax where he works as a radio DJ where I had scheduled the interview, I rarely notice him until another notable comedian who goes by the stage name Awinja pops out and calls him Patchez.

There and then, I bump him with a charged address to remind him I am the journalist looking for a story from him.

“He laughs amicably and nodes in a reserved manner which indicates his humble character”

The sassy DJ has worked in the industry for close to a decade whereby he started as a producer at Hot Hauz Entertainments doubling also as a DJ, later moving in to JAM INVESTMENTS.

He has worked on the Jokey in notable events such as Mr. and Miss Nairobi Aviation College, Machakos University Cultural night, Mr. &Miss Multimedia University, KeMU Campus Night.

Patchez acknowledge djeying is a challenging trade that calls for resilient personalities.

To work in a dynamic performance based organization that offers career growth and positive impact to the community.

“It is a challenging opportunity where one is required to be able utilize entertainment skills and have ability to work well with people, which eventually will allow one to grow personally and professionally.” adds this charming DJ.

I later meet one of his fans Annie who adds the DJ Patchez rocks his fans to the earth whenever they turn up for his gigs.

She adds that she has attended his gigs at various clubs and lounges where he has never disappointed in all of some being in notable clubs such as Lavish lounge, Nairobi Heritage Grill, Nairobi Launch of Club Steak and Bubbles in Chuka, Launch of Eco Lodge, Kajuki Launch of Club Villa, Tunyai Club Little City, and Mukothima and Club Metro in Nairobi.

Now you know he might be the one rocking your wife on Friday.



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