By Liza Njagi

Mike Sonko bounces back rejuvenateSonkod with his mere rants.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko is back. Yes, Sonko is back, not from further studies or from a KDF mission defending the country from the enemy of terrorism.

Everyone has seen him all over for the past one month. Not with a new agenda or ideas; no he is just doing rounds.

I wish he had waited for the New Year to mature both financially and economically. During last year’s political scenes, no one missed him the moment he hibernated to unknown places and spared Kenyans the regular mad sliding all through.

Nobody knew the reason why he had gone mum throughout the year, but it was a nice move that everyone enjoyed.

Un-reliable Sources indicated that it was because he had been rebuked by the president whom many thought he was working for, it might be slightly true or wrong depending on the side of the political divide you lie on.

However, he is back. He started his New Year slur mission by accompanying the president to the coast. This is where he began his New Year endeavors by having numerous clashes with the coastal region political class.

He was among the speakers who addressed a number of gatherings in all the places the president has been touring in the coastal region.

Sincerely speaking, now and then, he was never on point; he lowered himself to a point of being so mean in his speeches.

He concentrated on attacking Jubilee’s political enemies particularly those from the coastal region.

The most disappointing fact about Mike Sonko is that he rants over people in the eyes of the president, whereby many assume he is speaking on his behalf.

The Jubilee pundits have tried to help in clearing the air on this matter some intimately explaining he does that on personal capacity.

Sonko assumes defending the president means attacking by abusing other politicians. Things are not done that way.

His clash with Governor Ali Hassan Joho in the period the president has been around the coast has made a tremendous change of his political lifeline.

He almost fought with Joho in a full camera glare as journalist jostled to do a shot of their live clash.

With this, it marks a very false start for the Jubilee government who should concentrate on doing work for Kenyans to use it as a defense mechanism to their arch rivals on the other side of the political divide of the opposition.

The fact that the opposition is engaging the government wing through abuses, the government should not be using the same tactic towards the CORD wing.

The government should attack opposition through work and actions of steering on development agenda.

Therefore, Sonko should spare Kenyans this Kind of political tactic of attacking their critics through mere rants and get to work.



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