By Allan Boit

Moi University Engineer Outsmarts Qatar Airways peers by fixing a plane;Opening up a massive poaching of the KQ techs to the rival Airline.

A former Moi University school of engineering Alumni has opened a world of opportunities to his peers at the Kenya Airways after pioneering a massive poaching from the government owned airline.

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It was a breakthrough when the engineer repaired a plane owned by the Qatar Airways that had broken down at the airport. The engineer repaired the plane and moments after its landing in the Qatari airport for check up, it was reported the plane was in a better position to operate without any fault.

Impressively, the plane has been in operation for the last seven months without any problem, which has prompted the airline to poach for more than twenty engineers from the Kenya Airways to beef up its contingent.

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It is reported that the Kenya aeronautical engineers have a broad understanding of the aviation industry technical work compared to their competitors in other airlines.

Moi University has been on the rise in the engineering and medical sections a report that has repeatedly been released showing employers prefer to employ the techs and medics from the institution.

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