Moi University is not new to chaos whenever there is election at bay. For close to a decade now, there has been chaos whenever a date with the ballot looms.

It has been evident for a long time that it is always a hard thing to elect student leaders in the institution a problem that makes serving leaders extend their terms.

Moi University is now set to Launch Online Voting system for students to solve this monster alongside others. Unreliable sources are reporting of an intention by the institutions pundits, technocrats, software developers and unauthorized think tanks to introduce an online voting system that is expected to solve the problem.

Our attempt to get reliable information from the current student leadership who might be in the front line to lead in the success of the project bore no fruit.

If the project is successful, the software will be the first of it kind in the Kenyan traditional voting systems.

However, many share the opinion that chaos that has been erupting any time an election is announced can be solved through such voting systems.

This online voting system if put in place at this era and age, will immensely reduce the frequency of election rigging in the institution which boasts thousands of graduates that are a darling to the Kenyan employers.

There have been repeated claims of election rigging and claims of student voters being compromised to elect un-popular student.

Critics of the looming project which is yet to be announced and cannot be confirmed by our editorial team see a sinister move towards such project being put in place despite the fact that they have no facts nor reported signs of an indication that it is indeed a real software in the pipeline.

In the course of this year, students went on rampage over election clash that involved rival students campaign teams.

The highly charged students pelted stones against rival groups which led to an indefinite closure of the institution.


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