By Mathioya Mathioya

Moi University School of Law shames critics by Topping peer African Law schools.

Moi university ashamed critics of its law school not only in Kenya but the world by scooping a top award in an international-continental moot court competition.

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Moi University fell short of the possible 90% by only 0.8% with an 89.2% score boosting its rank in the current Law schools rankings in Africa.

This is more preferably, in relation to the top universities in Africa that not only took part in the competition, but made it to those advanced stages.

Such competitions are used to gauge the capabilities that the students and the universities have in relation to law.

It is a highly competitive moot court that takes seriously the advanced systems of law studies in the entire world.

Moi University floored Zambia University and Uganda’s Makerere mercilessly.

Among other top African universities that Moi purely brought down were South African university of Pretoria, a couple of Nigeria’s top cumpuses and Haramaya university of Ethiopia among many others.

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It is only the other day that the Kenyan Council of Legal Education wrote to the management citing the closure of their law schools due to the reasons of it not having enough capability to handle such high end courses.

However, it is now on the papers so that the world can read and see the potential that the University has.

Previously, a certain top Nairobi lawyer had claimed the University’s law school produces generic lawyers who cannot handle a worthy case.

The lawyer came under high critism bearing in mind the University has big chunk of prominent lawyers in town.

One of the top students who represented the university scooped a second runner’s up award in the best orators’ category.

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Consequently, this is quite an interesting reply to those who thought the University is not up to task when it comes to law matters.

You are a Critic out there? You now have an answer.

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