Moi University TOPS Employers bet as Corporates shy away NAIROBI University,Economic survey

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By Allan Boit

The two Kenyan universities are said to be the best in Kenya, however, employers have of lately been taking sides choosing their employees wisely taking into consideration minor things that many people would not have imagined.

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John a human resource expert asserts that Moi University,Nairobi students are Favored by employers in some instances. In addition they are said to be among the oldest higher education institutions to have been established in Kenya with other institutions said to have followed up later on.

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Their names are unique in a way and always feature in the news as one of the universities to produce a substantial number of graduates in East and Central Africa.
However, the rivalry between them cannot be imagined to be of this world in time. Nairobi University has a larger population than Moi University in terms of admissions.

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This has been a point of argument in relation to the number of graduates that are conferred with undergraduate degrees since every year; Moi University has a smaller number of graduates compared to Nairobi University.

Another indispensable problem that creates rivalry between the two public universities is their point of location. When you meet with a Nairobi University student in a brawling argument with a Moi University student, the nairobi one always refer to the later as stude wa ‘‘shamba’’ , since Moi university is located in the country-side.

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However, according to the Moi university students, the fact that they are located in the country side does not mean they lack the digital hype.

They claim Moi University main campus is a city by itself since the student fraternity is made up of students from the city who enjoy learning in the country-side away from their homes to experience a new environment.

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Nairobi University is however pinned down when it comes to discipline; they are believed to have a rogue character of blocking roads and burning public property when in dispute with their administration.

Nairobi University that is located in just around the central business district, a lot of discipline is expected from the student fraternity.

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It is said that employers also fear employing the students from this university since they are thought to be un- manageable, in case there is a hiccup with management they might end up causing chaos.

Moi University is said to enjoy a cool reception in the employment circles a believe that is yet to be proven by the employers who look into issue beyond the said ones.

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Post source : By Allan Boit

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