By E Makena

Enchanting sandy beach lapped with clear aqua marine waters are the sights that greet me when I step into a wooden deck in Kilifi Bay Beach resort. The deck in the ocean front resort offers a scenic view of Indian Ocean. Waters of the sea sprawled right in-front of me gather into high tides towards the bare beach hitting the wooden poles supporting the deck before gently ebbing away in a rhythmic flow. This serves as a nice welcome to the resort located in the old coastal town of Kilifi. It’s only the first day of my two day stay at the resort and there is every indication that it’s going to be a great experience.

A trail of footsteps imprints the sandy beach almost as if beckoning one to take a walk; I heed the call. There is a tingling sensation as I sink my bare feet into the sand pebbles on the beach and venture deep into the warm sea waters. As waves rise and fall, time slowly slips away and tiredness of travel is soon forgotten. When the tides cede, huge nude spiders march across the bare sand. “They are harmless and don’t bite,’ reveals one of the staff members at the hotel.

At sunset curtains of an ocean front room billow in the late evening breeze as  palm trees wave against a dazzling golden sky. The scene is picture perfect. Some visitors gathered in the deck all stare in the scenic surroundings in silence, probably trying to commit the moment to memory.

Set along the Kenyan coastline, the resort has 50 double and single rooms. There are few beach front rooms that offer a convetable view of the ocean. The long narrow layout of the resort however ensures that no one is ever few steps away from the beach. For the three nights spent at the resort a single room few metres from the beach serves as home. It has a medium sized canopy bed, desk, en-suite bathroom, wardrobe, TV and an air conditioner. The rustic wardrobe is decorated with traditionally woven sisal threads while the bed and walls bear subtle Swahili architectural designs.

With all these features fitted in a small space, the room looks crammed up.  What it lacks in terms of space it compensates with a large verandah which features chairs with colorful cushions where I curled up severally for a view of overlooking tropical gardens. There are two restaurants at the resort serving local and international cuisines.

Walking towards my room from the beach, am treated to views of flowerbeds, far coastline and tropical gardens all the way. Except for the ocean, nothing beats the view of a grand swimming pool, located few meters from the coastline. The azure pool is tucked amid the gorgeousness of long palm trees overlooking a restaurant decorated with simple earthy colors. It’s no doubt the ultimate chill spot for visitors at the resort. Retreating into my room, I call it a day eager to wake up to another day of more rejuvenation.

Travel tips to Kilifi

Travel with extra money.

The money paid to the hotel mostly covers accommodation and meals. You will need to pay extra for excursions such as snorkeling and boat tours which all spice up your say at the coast.

Make use of free offers

There are extra things that the hotel offers for free such as spa treatment. The may not exactly be free since they are factored in the hotel bill you pay, so why not take advantage of them?

Prepare for the hot weather

Light fabrics, sunscreen, swimming costume, hat and sunglasses are a must have as you go on holiday in Kilifi .








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