By Mathioya Mathioya

Memoirs in Gitugo

These are the new millennium Miracles Vyombo slur performed in churches.

Those that can remember very well, there was an era when the churches in Kenya had only one option to make the musicality appeal in their worship abodes, this is by the use of the then set drums.

Early in the year 2000, things took a u-turn. The campaign to bring in vyombo came in, young people used to troop in the churches that had the ability to acquire the said vyombo.

I being new in Nairobi at the time, Mathioya senior my elder brother introduced me to Nairobi by taking me to a drinking den in a shanty in Kariokor.

The local liquor shanty was adjacent to Shauri Moyo where he lived.

I was a frequent visitor of mama pima in Kariokor later on courtesy of the pocket money that he used to give me in the first days, I had made friends there and used to go there alone where he also used to drink to death the moment their Mujengo foreman, commonly known as nyapara payed them.

Before we turned into a new millenium, I had made up my mind to change and take a u-turn to review my life status by making a thorough audit of my lifestyle which I had previously acquired in Gitugo.

I had a funny notion before I got to a church for this revival moment. I was in dire craving for a church that had vyombo.

It was a trending topic. Pastors trooped in Nairobi’s River Road to buy the highly publicized Vyombo from all corners of the country.

Back in Gitugo, pastor Kimeto who was the first African to open a pentocostal church after Bishop Emeritus Matayo du Carracor left in 1990.

He was lucky to be one of the few pastors to interact with people from Nairobi during church missions, hence, he got the information about the transformation that Vyombo had ability to make.

Remember, this was the first time such information got that fast in Gitugo. He also organized a funds drive and via postar, he invited the sons of Gitugo who were lucky to be in Nairobi.

We were only three of us who were lucky to be in Nairobi city in the entire Gitugo village.

That was I Mathioya Mathioya, my brother Mathioya senior, and Kaliton Alias Clinton who had been sponsored by catholic missionaries to study carpentery after serving in the Gitugo parish as an alter boy for 10 good years.

We ofcourse made our contribution which we sent via Nyayo bus that made one trip to Gitugo once a month.

Pastor Kimeto appreciated the contribution and news of our immense contribution spread in the whole Gitugo corners.

During the new year festivities, I joined a church that had vyombo in shauri moyo. News about vyombo made me join a church which later changed many in both shauri moyo, Kariokor.

Fellow truants joined pastor Kimetos church to see the miracles that vyombo could make. Vyombo was a slur composing of church musical and address system that are common today.


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