BMA awards 2015
BMA awards 2015

Milele FM’s Bangaiza show that has been rocking the Kenyan evening radio airwaves is now officially at its highest peak ever after beating the traditional rivals to make it to the Bingwa Music Awards 2015, BMA.

Bangaiza Youth show was newly-rebranded early this year to accommodate its growing fan base amongst the Kenyan youth population.

The show’s nomination is a tap on the shoulder to reward it’s recent activities to make a hyped music hits that is popular among the growing youth population in Kenya.

Bingwa awards 2015 is now underway and the domineering Bangaiza Youth show host duo of Allan Wakori alias Mzito Allande and Nzula Makosi are expected to easily sail to the top.

The popular youth show runs from 7pm to 10pm and commonly popular to urban and rural blend of youths owing to the mix of the hits it plays.

Bingwa Music Awards (BMA) is thought to be among the most transparent awards in Kenya and features close to all manner of music genre, talent awards and other prolific categories that are highly thought to be of a diverse entity.

Milele FM is a radio stationed owned by Mediamax Network Limited. Over the course of this year, Milele FM has managed to outsmart other radio stations in Kenya that have been dominating the Kenyan radio airwaves over years.

Consequently, Bangaiza show nomination to the coveted award will boost Milele FM’s profile and equally confirm a hardly sought glory.

Vote Allan Wakori and Nzula Makosi for the Radio Presenters of the year award

To vote the popular presenters for the awards:

Send an SMS code: BMA119 to the number 21566 to vote Allan Wakori and Nzula Makosi for the Radio Presenters of the year and SMS BMA 123 to the number 21566 to vote Bangaiza as the Radio show of the year. The BMA awards 2015 are never been better than this year due to their immense diversity and ninche.






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