Following Literary discourse is not a simple thing in life.

Literati will read a book to its cover to try and get some sense out of a single line.

On the other hand, a good writer delivers lines in his or her writing with a point to put across in any word used.

Another literary critic will fight hard to try and prick holes on the work done by the other to prove that they would have done better on their work.

That is the literary discourse and what goes on in it.

For natural literary icons like Professor Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, Chris Wanjala, Prof Amuka, this is their way of life, Literature.

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o is a world icon in literary works.

He has built an empire of knowledge in writing books for decades, travelled the world with his works.

From the Former Soviet Union to the West, from Germany to the Azzuris’ land, from China to the entire Asian Pacific all the way to Japan and the embattled south and North Korean boarders, not forgetting the Gaza strip and the Middle East, for him the African continent is home without mentioning Kenya his homeland.

A point to note is that Ngugi has screwed close to all known top academicians in Kenya and East Africa in a literature class.

From Moi University professor Amuka to Masinde Muliro’s literary critic and think tank Chris Wanjala.

Ngugi has shared literary encounters that have been held in Kenya with the likes of Taban Lo Liyong one of the most established writers in Africa.

Taban Lo Liyong has always refered to East Africa as a literary desert despite the fact that academicians like Ngugi hail from here.

Taban Liyong is an ardent critic of Ngugi’s work. Whenever he visits Kenya he must do a swipe to Ngugi’s work in literature.

Ngugi Wa Thiong’s encounter with Moi’s Prof Amuka and Chris Wanjala thriller is a piece and half to snip view, let alone a saga in making in relation to Taban Lo Liyong.

During a lecture he made recently in Kisii University his literature student Chris Wanjala and Prof Amuka were in attendance sharing their moments with Ngugi.

Amuka reminisced of the days Ngugi gave them a ride on his Volkswagen beetle saloon car.

It was a joke despite the fact that it brought out the cordial relationship that the adorable professor.

Ngugi is always associated with Kamirithu.

This is the place he staged his theatre kikuyu master piece plays works of the likes of “Ngahika Ndeenda” translated to “I will marry when I want” during Moi era.

This play led to his exile to the West where he teaches to this date. Ngugi’s books are a darling to the Russians as they are to his Kenyan sisters and brothers.

Indeed literary fanatics, who automatically double as scribes such as Elvis Ondieki, Mwamburi Mwang’o, Antony Irungu and Dikembe Disembe who might have shared a piece of literary pie from Moi University’s Prof Amuka will tell you, a slice of light moments of Ngugi Wa Thiong’s encounter with Moi’s Prof Amuka and Chris Wanjala is literary piece by itself that in no doubt inspires the lot immensely.


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