‘NIGUTHEKE’ is here with us!!! I mean, all twist circulate, ribs will oscillate as all lights go full blast at Wida Highway Motel on 10th 0ct 2015 with a dire reckoning of high caliber and ribcracking piece of a Kikuyu comedy masterpiece crowned by the one and only Chef Gathemba, Njomo wa Nyathira and Agosto Wallalo In a ribcracking experience to ever happen in ‘Nyumba Ya Mumbi’.

Top notch kikuyu musiacians will bring down a heavy contigent of firey and flying hits led by Kamande wa Kioi and Kigia wa Esther. ‘Nigutheke’ is a kikuyu lingua translating to ‘lets laugh’.

As if the comedy Gurus aren’t through with you, to top up, heavy drinks will flow in style courtesy of Wida Highway Motel and resort hospitality crue sandwitching the smoothened drink with nyama choma in plenty.

On board will be a team of tantalizing kikuyu sassy comrades to beef up your company.

To compliment the party, expect the ever mercurial and smiley divas to keep you warmed. Cosequently, Kameme FM, the top Kikuyu radio station tagged ‘Kayu Ka muingi’ will be in action to pick live acts that will presumably run live on Kameme TV and put to action their strong wording.

All roads will splash at Wida Highway Motel in elegance to witness La primera comedia de acción con la moda of its kind in Kikuyu land. Bookings are ongoin with style and still remember, Nigutheke is here with us, Miss and be the laughing subject of the season, the ultímate damage is only three hundred Kenyan shillings (KSH300) for a night of splendor. Lets Go!!!!


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