By David Mwitari

‘Nigutheke’ Kikuyu Stand-Up Comedy show Goes Live Tonight On Nyumba Ya Mumbi TV Dwarfing Seasonal Kikuyu TV programs.

The show is making a debue tonight in Nyumba ya mumbi TV in a bang. Hosted by Chef Gathemba, Nigutheke all through last year took its fans to a live recording thrill at wida Highway Motel.

After a short period of of reconnaissance moments, it is now going to go live on TV.

Editorial Choice:

Nyumba ya Mumbi TV is expected to live up to its glory by ravelling its viewers with this nut cracking show.

Nigutheke took the first move in the smoothly crowding Kikuyu stand-up comedy whereby Kikuyu comedians are flocking to the already un-tapped field.

Already, the Kikuyu comedy fans are warming up for the show as the free to air TV puts its house in order to thrill the jammed comedy fanatics.

A spot check on the Nigutheke social media platforms indicates that the show is highly anticipated by Kikuyu comedy die hards who used to flock its live recording show at the Limuru based Wida Highway Motel.

Among the stand-up comedians on the show is Muthee Kiengei Wa Watoria alongside other witty Kikuyu Comedians.

Keep tuned on Nyumba Ya Mumbi TV. See you then…..

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