By Mugambi Aruyaru


It is with great sadness that I wish to humbly make my submissions on the ongoing teachers’ strike.

First and foremost, am an ordinary Kenyan usually called a common ‘mwananchi’ because our Kenya has their owners.

On teachers strike, Uhuru misinformed and misguided Kenyans. When he the President  addressed the nation  to weigh on the matter, most Kenyans if not all expected that the president would offer a solution to the situation at hand and not just confuse and give out misinformed and misguided information.

For example,he lied to Kenyans that the lowest paid teacher earns 23,000 yet the lowest paid teacher who is a P1 teacher earns a basic salary of 16,692.

Instead of Uhuru telling Kenyans how the situation should be handled and schools resume, he gives a long ‘misguided’ speech on past things.

When he said that teachers are one of the highest paid in the region, he failed to tell Kenyans that he is the 7th paid president in Africa. He also failed to tell Kenyans that our MPs are the 2nd highest paid in the World after Nigeria.

The country is now in a state of anarchy when the No. 1 custodian of the constitution and someone who swore to safeguard and protect the law, fails in doing so.

The executive therefore lacks the moral and legal authority to rule and ask Kenyans to trust them and follow the rule of law.
It is only in Kenya where a wheelbarrow costs 109M,a gate costs 7M and hospital curtains cost 7.8M and yet a qualified teacher who has trained for more than 18years is paid ksh30,000.

In Kenya,the harder one works the least they are paid.

A teacher goes to class daily and yet no one sees that.A secondary school teacher is given a form one student who scores 200 marks in KCPE and is expected to get an A out of him.

What miracle and formula does he/she apply yet when the kid fails the failure is said to be the teacher’s and his promotion wholly depends on the child’s performance?
Truth be told,all workers should be renumerated based on their qualifications.

What job groups for example does the government use to pay the Mps,senators and governors? If its on job groups,let a graduate Mp be paid the same as a graduate teacher at job group K.

What the government is telling Kenyans that if the award of 50-60% is given to teachers the VAT will go up is a big lie and a statement meant to incite the public against the teachers.

The truth is the government has lost billions of money through corruption,misguided projects and worse of all on foreign trips.

The president always carries a big delegation that costs the taxpayers not less than 1billion in a week or so. The New York trip for example will cost Kenyans between 780M and 1B for just a week.

Uhuru should first of all cut the expenses on his own office and other state offices and pay teachers.

The constitutional commissions have commissioners who only sit for a maximum of eight sittings in a month and walk away with ksh640,000 and a sitting allowance of ksh 50,000 per sitting.

Let Kenyans get the facts right and judge for themselves. Let the courts too,be respected. No tax shall be increased on the Kenyans if the teachers are paid. Period!!



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