By Mwangangi WA Muthama

On Waitiki Land Quagmire; who is fooling who? is it all about Coastal Votes scramble.

Coastal region has squatters, Waitiki sold land to the government, Jubilee government is on votes hunting mission; all this is what has been top trending topics for this whole January.

The president was there to issue title deeds and of course throw political tantrums directed at the opposition.

There is no problem with that, I mean depending on which side you lie in both political divides of CORD and apparently Jubilee, if you think critically, you will find something sinister out of this political puzzle entirely.

It’s so sad to see the president use this for his selfish political gains in the coast region. The region which is currently an opposition hotspot is core if Uhuru Kenyatta is to get a second term.

In 2013 Mombasa County had approached Waitiki to purchase the land so as to resettle the squatters, Waitiki refused.

However after the president approached him late last year Waitiki accepted. Connecting the dots can tell you that this issue was set to be used for someone’s political mileage.

The government paid Waitiki 1.2 Billion for the land, well that is good but questions have been raised why the government is charging the poor squatters Ksh. 182,000 to get them a certificate of Lease.

Uhuru issueing title deeds
Uhuru issueing title deeds

Most people beginning with prominent Lawyers and Jubilee propagandists don’t know the difference; it’s good to help them learn.

A certificate of lease is a title under the Registered Lands Act Cap 300 for leasehold land.

Leasehold is form of land tenure where an occupant holds the right to land for a specific period and subject to conditions given in relation to land rights.

A certificate of lease is a title deed expiring after certain duration. To avoid future problems arising from the land sector National Lands commission must step its mandate and get politicians out of this process.

Its independent body let it act so. Secondly, on top of all this, questions will also arise in relation to the way the Jubilee government doing, that is interfering with the working of the National Lands Commission, which of course part of its mandate includes, managing public land on behalf of the national and county governments.

Trust me, its all political since it now seems that the Jubilee government has taken over the management of public land on behalf of the commission, which is totally against the constitution, covering up all what it’s supposed to bring on the public domain.



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