One on One with Muthee Kiengei ‘Guka wa nairobi’ Kameme FM’s radio Presenter and comedian.

He started as street comedian in Nakuru. Meet Muthee Kiengei, the witty comedian and as usual, many would agree, he is also among the best Kameme FM radio presenters, a mediamax owned radio brand.

Most people know him as guka wa nairobi, the comedian has gone nuts on Kameme radio air waves for quite some time where he co-host “mawoshimeni” show with Gatonye Mbugua.

He has stured in hundreds of Kikuyu comedy movies and is always on the move in his other side hustle of Emceeing in events.

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My short journey to interviewing Muthee Kiengei landed me in an office at the Mediamax Network Limited where he works as a presenter.

I ended up learning that no matter the course nature takes you through, what you love will always come first. What matters is setting priorities right.

Briefly tell us something about yourself.

My real name is Benson Gathungu Kamau. I was born in Rift Valley in a family of 9, I being the last born.

Who is Kiengei?

Muthee Kiengei is a funny guy who loves his community.

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Where did the Brand name Kiengei originate from?

My mother used to call me Kiengei from my childhood. When I got into comedy world, I chose to use the name.

Tell us something about your Journey into Kikuyu Comedy?

I started in Nakuru as a street comedian way back in 2006 selling my own locally produced comedy movies after a long hustle, from being a boda boda operator, quack mechanic and an armature musician.

I gradually grew squeezing my way into the larger Kikuyu comedy world.

Why did you choose Kikuyu comedy style of jokes?

Kikuyu lingua is itself funny. You don’t have to struggle so much to generate a joke from Kikuyu. I mean, Gikuyu language is naturally funny if you understand it well. That’s why I just find myself at ease with it compared to English and Kiswahili.

How far have you travelled?

Let me just say have been to almost all parts of this lovely country, Kenya. I have not been to many other countries because of the nature of my job as a co-host at Kameme FM.

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I normally turn down some invitations to perform in America and other European countries where I have fans.

You Love Vodka?

No! Hehe!…. he laughs, mii nimeokoka bwana.

Apart from Comedy what else do you Do?

I am an MC, a radio presenter at Kameme FM and I own an entertainment company.

Who is your best Kikuyu Comedy role model?

I loved the late Mzee Kanyotu style of comedy and I also admire Kihenjo.

You have a Family?

I am married to one wife and together we have one lovely girl.

What keeps you going? Where you draw your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from God. It God who keeps me on the move, I am so much grateful to Him always.

What would you advise those aspiring to be comedians in Gikuyu land?

I just welcome them into the Comedy life, it’s a large industry that will accommodate all of them. However, they should embrace uniqueness and avoid vulgar comics. With that, they will automatically grow. Above, they should trust in God.

Muthee Kiengei,Guka wa Nairobi
Muthee Kiengei,Guka wa Nairobi

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