Ooops! Yolo! Sex and Attention in College teen age insider.

They say college is where you discover yourself but to some extent, your goals can get out of hand there.

For example, a girl of probably the age of eighteen or nineteen, who performed well in high school and now she is in college.

She’s not the only child in their family, so her parents have other responsibilities. The parent works seven days a week to make sure other siblings have the best.

She gets to college full of dreams and ambitions to be conjured. She is excited about her new world but one thing happens while in college, she forgets what brought her there in the first place.

Random hookups, drunken make outs of which we later blame on alcohol and carefree sex becomes the order of the day together with that horrible association to believe in nothing.

This sires promiscuity and later she gets jars of STDs, AIDs or oops!! Babies. It’s YOLO times.

Picking the wrong friends is a mistake a lot of people make.

We all love to be known admired, but let it be in the right way, being the popular student in school is fantastic and nevertheless, feels good to have everyone’s attention.

However, don’t be fooled dear you aren’t the first one. Millions of people have been there and did that which you find exciting, the most important thing is that you will never put that ‘being popular’ in a job application.

You skip your classes to smoke; you use drugs as if your little pathetic and wasted lives depend on it. Is that the only thing you can do with your life?

As a matter of fact, do you ever wonder why most graduates are said to be half baked? People who invented much of internet stuff have made many young people zombies who cannot use little of their brain cells to think.

They only think of copy pasting. Really?

I can bet on everything I got that today’s youth, are more prepared for a zombie moments,

Not targeting the elite squad, the anti supplementary unit than anything else. These people are unbeatable when it comes to being good at it.

These are the kind of people you take them to a field work and they work as if they have never been to a class

The idea of having been to College is what you make out of it.


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