By Brian Rono

Opinion polls Project Jubilee’s Aaron Cheriuyot and Philip Charo’s win after Ruto’s Campaign trail in Kericho and Malindi.

After a long detrimental toture on Jubilee’s Kericho and Malindi by election, ruto’s efforts to campaign for the candidates are bearing fruits.

He started with a long campaign spell in Kericho over the whole last week. This was after KANU’s die hards caused a spur on the ground.

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The moment Issac Ruto, Gideon Moi and Nick Salat were done with hitting the Kenya’s DP name with the smear campaign in Kericho, Ruto mobilized his troops and descended in Kericho with the full force of the government alongside the regions legislators who are fully behind his choice of candidate.

Everybody in Kericho is aware those campaigning against Aaron Cheriuyot have no basic agenda for Kericho residents, all what they are doing is fighting the deputy president.

Those who have been watching closely, throughout KANU’s tour, they have been making the DP an issue and not putting the matters concerning Kericho residents first.

KANU brigade has been attacking DP always which has shown clearly that their only problem is the DP.

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However, it will take other moments of campaign trail by the deputy president to consolidate his support base since some of his followers in South Rift are almost buying the KANU’s idea of isolation.

In the latest polls released yesterday, in Kericho, the situation is different from what is being created in the media; Jubilee’s Aaron Cheriuyot is leading the old KANU guard by slightly 57% to 33%.

There was a slight drop in Aaron’s support base when the Jubilee brigade had assumed Kericho is their own stronghold.

The margin is expected to rise higher if the deputy president lands there for the second time which of course will neutralize the KANU’s maneuvers.

According to the reports on the ground, during KANU’s Kapkatet political rally, people from bomet were ferried in lorries to fill the ground and create a discomfiture in the media and allude that Kericho county is KANU’s ground.

In Malindi, Jubilee is gaining ground especially bearing in mind that most of the MP’s have joined the government after defecting from ODM.

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