Paris Attack!Major sporting events called off

Major sporting events have been put on hold in France hour after the aftermath of the Friday attack in France capital city Paris.

During the address to the nation, france’s president francois Hollade has said the terror attack is an act of war.

ISIS are said to be behind the attack which has left a number of people dead. A major rugby cup championship that was slated to be played has also been called off.

A friendly match was also to be played in France’s Stade De France has been called off.

The match was between Germany and France.

Also, a game which is slated to be played between France and England in Wmbley stadium on Tuesday is being reported to be a high doubt.

The match was in preparation of their summer European championship matches that will be played in France.

French citizens have stood together in condemning the attack through their social media platforms, in twitter through hashtags and on facebook.

Those who were in the stadium during the explosions have expressed there sentiments since the attack caught everyone un-aware.

However, League 1 matches were not highly affected since this weekend, they are on hold due to the ongoing international friendlies.

World leaders have joined hands in condemnation of the attack.

President of the United States Barack Obama has condemned the attack calling it outragious, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron said it was a shocking happening saying they will stand with France people in prayers this tough moment.

German Chancellor Angel Markel also spoke of the happening indicating how shocked she was and added that her thoughts were with the affected families.

A state of emergency has been declared in France by the French President Francois Hollande with security being tightened within their borders and the entire country.



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