Paris bound Plane Takes abrupt Landing In Mombasa Amid Bomb shock.

A Boeing 777 plane made an emergency landing in Moi international airport this morning.

The Landing was requested by the pilot flying the plane after a passage who had gone to relieve on the lavatory discovered a garget that looked similar to a bomb.

The plain was airbone from Mauritius headed to France. The incidence happened at 12.00am this morning. Apparently, by early morning Sunday, the passengers had refused to get back to the plane with demands of another plane being made by them.

According to the Kenyan police spokesperson Charles owino, the request was purely made by the pilot. Close to 500 passengers were on board including 14 crue members. The Kenya security systems have been notified of the incidence and got on the ground.

The contingent of the Kenyan security system made of the Kenya Navy, criminal investigation Department uis are currently tearing through evidence in relation to the matter.

This comes amid security threats all over the world where the entire world is battling the menace. According to the security systems, the suspect is already in custody as investigations take center stage.

Outgoing interior principal secretary Monica Juma is currently in Mombasa to follow up on the matter and later where she is expected to call and address press in relation to the matter.

Some sources are coming out and showing that the garget was an explosive that could probably detonate on Some getting to Paris where the plane was destined to.

Kenya has been taking security matters seriously as the Kenya defense forces battle Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia who have claimed responsibility of a number of attacks on the Kenyan soil. However, security has improved for a long period with no much worry especially this Christmas period when the security apparatus are on high alert. to security systems.



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