Passionate ODM general Ababu Namwamba silently scheming Western Vote delivery to UHURuto camp?Fingers crossed.

Questions have been lingering on every Kenyan mind of where is Ababu the general. He was authentic and philanthropic and passionate in defending ODM and Raila in any political war.

No one knows what he is currently going through but many circumstances might be the reason why he is all this silent on matters relating to ODM and Raila.

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Frustrations fo the ODM die hards or party politics, personal reasons or even even options of taking his political future to the west.

What is clear is that in the aftermath of 2007 elections, Ababu was passionate about Raila in that at one time, he even refused to acknowledge the Kenya’s third president Mwa Kibaki during swearing in of the legislators in parliament back then.

He was energetic and defended Raila and ODM passionately under any circumstance up to the 2013 general elections.

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During this period, he has been silent on any matter relating to the CORD and opposition with him missing in action from the CORD major rallies, demonstrations and press conferences.

Any meeting that he has met with the Jubilee leaders has been interpreted as an attempt of him joining the jubilee administration.

Some speculators have been pointing out that the general is fed up with the CORD style of politics and he has decided to take a rest from the regular picketing both in and outside parliament.

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As the CORD brigade has been taking into the streets for anti IEBC demonstrations, Ababu the general has not been on sight to offer some support.

As other members of parliament fight to get attention from their principle Raila Odinga during the demonstrations, Ababu has been out of place and nowhere to be seen.


Speculations however, cannot be taken serious always since sometimes there might be other personal reasons that can make one not do what people outside expect you to be doing always.

He has gone silent all through, but time will tell.

Consequently, politics is unpredictable game, could he be weighing options of joining Jubilee? Anyway, time will tell.

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