By Mathenge Abednego

Pep Guardiola set to join Arsenal; Wenger intimates.

The writing is on the wall, as Arsenal’s wenger stint at Arsenal goes down the homestretch, it is definite Arsenal is worried of who will take over the club.

It is now clear that, after the expiry of the 66 year old service to Arsenal in a few months’ time, he has a choice to remain at Arsenal or decide to choose a successor.

His bosses at Arsenal, however, have no problem with this most trusted coach of Arsenal to ever happen making future decisions for Arsenal in the coming days.

This is reasonably because he has been managing the team for almost three decades now.

He has seen Arsenal get two FA cups and helping the team gain a substantial and profitable time in the world of soccer.

Details are emerging from the clubs trusted quarters is that the coach is weighing in a number of options.

These probable options are whether to lay off the boots and retire or continue furnishing the young Arsenal Turks.

News are going round within sources intimate to him confirming that , either the coach is ready to retire and pass the mantle to his fellow soccer expert Pep Guardiola or remain in the north London club.

On the other hand, Pep Guardiola’s desire to coach and manage Arsenal has been a dream much overdue.

He at one time reiterated that, if it is leaving his current club Bayern Munich, he can if an Arsenal deal comes along.

He can serve his remaining 12 months in the club and join the north London club as soon as possible.

The most surprising thing to ever come out of Arsene Wenger’s statement is the fact that, he is ready to retire and pass over the mantle to Pep Guardiola and allow him serve Arsenal.

Wenger remains to be the most adored Arsenal coach due to his skillful nitch in managing the club that has previously gone through up and downs.

If this rumour comes to pass, he will join Sir Alex Furgusson in retirement base. He is currently among the longest serving coach in the English Premier League.



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