Police brutality, Vandalism vs. Human rights spectra

By Sam Mburu K

Kenya is experiencing series of demonstrations that are being perpetuated by the CORD coalition with the aim of ousting IEBC officials from their anniversary offices.

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The demonstrations started on 2nd may, with the CORD principals promising to direct their energy and resources every Monday towards the course until they ensured IEBC top officials had been evicted from their offices.

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Yes, it true, every Kenyan citizen has a right to demonstrate as the constitution stipulates.

It is on the bill of rights, each and every person has a right to peaceably and unarmed assemble, demonstrate, picket and present petitions to public authorities.

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The latest demonstrations turned chaotic. To many, in move to quell the horrific ordeals, the police used force to neutralize the situation.

To many, this was an act of brutality especially after the police were featured ruthlessly beating up a protester on camera.

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However, human rights do not propose breaking of the law. Thus, when a police officer beats up one who has broken the law; it should not be taken as a violation of the human right.

Nobody on earth who is allowed to vandalize or rob an innocent Kenyan while taking part in demonstrations as it was witnessed on 16th of May.

The demonstrations attracted all sorts of criminals who, consequently, took the advantage of the situation something that ended up irritating the police a thing that made them use an excessive force.

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If it’s a must they have to get on streets and demonstrate for them to hire out some issues, then, those propagating it should not be armed in any way.

Another question arises, who is to blame for the incidences that have been taking over.

The constitution gives procedures that are supposed to be followed in order to disband a commission. This is the process that the opposition brigades could have followed.

For a better and a prosperous Kenya, It is the responsibility of the stakeholders behind the said peaceful demonstrations to meet the requirements of the law and avoid aiding the criminals in the manifestation of their ill acts. It is also advisable for them to change the tactics and approaches to the matter.

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