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Privacy Policy and Cookies

Safarionline is a news, travel and Christian related website. we are always looking up to a smooth and efficient use whenever one visits any section of our site to get any necessary information that one may be looking up to.

Consequently, we always ensure the privacy and safety of any information shared on our site is shared and read by our readers without causing any harm or injury to any party.

Privacy Policy

This privacy update applies to the use of all the information relating to safarionline.

  • This is the Information you have provided to us
  • All inquiries relating to safarionline content alongside our products and services you’ve asked about
  • All the Information uploads and comments you make about our articles and services you use e. g how you access, view, share, contribute, communicate and even forward them.


How we may make use of your information

  • For market research purposes.
  • To help us in complying with all legal or regulatory requirements, viable in protecting and enforce the rights of any third party with regard to crime detection and prevention for the purposes of safeguarding national security.

Unless you’ve asked us not;

  • To send you regular newsletters and any other information relating to content and services you chosen.


When you create or log in to an online account that is related to our website, for example, Google related ads, you agree to our privacy and cookies use regulations. Note that, a continued use our website’s content, products and services you agree to the use of cookies as described herein.

Consequently, when you access or use our content and services, we may collect some details from the gadgets you use to receive safarionline content and services by using cookies.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small bits of texts that are downloaded to the devices you use to receive content and access online information.

Examples of Cookies are?

  1. Keeping you logged in during your visit
  2. Positioning information on a smartphone screen
  3. Cookies which make it possible to navigate through the website smoothly.
  4. Contact Us Through;

In relation to this, we always ensure that;

  1. At we always uphold and ensure any information shared or passed through us by the people who visit us is kept at utmost secret. This refers to credit card numbers, Identification cards or any login details.
  2. We do not offer your private information shared with us to any third party without your permission.
  3. Also remember that, Google adverts are allowed in our site as per terms and agreement with the third party.
  4. We allow an option out of a double click cookie in our site through a follow of the Google ads settings.


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