By Ndirangu wambugu

Malcolm X once quipped that, it’s not only sitting on the table that makes you a diner but you also have to eat to be one.

This the wisdom proving deficient in most folks in the country, literate or illiterate, high or low born alike.

This is the premises behind far spread arguments such as the ‘we the kikuyus & the kales have power.’

While one can never reject his identity, to imagine that when your tribal king assumes power you’re entitled to a share of the same is fallacious.

Time has shown this to be a folly and sheer stupidity.

If anything, am yet to met a kikuyu or a kalenjin who gets a pay check for his ilk are in power.

The hoi polloi inability to comprehend this oversaw the Rwanda genocide and closer home; the senseless crushes duped the post election violence of the 2008.

A feeling that not unless one of our own is the occupant of the seat of power our existence as a community is not guaranteed.

The situation becomes dire when our leaders in full cognizance of this delusion utilizes it as a catalyst to have the multitude in their backyards champion their course in pursuit of power, little known to the masses that the leaders are only seeking personal actualization.

In a civilized society, all animals are equal and to imagine that sharing an ancestor with the leader of the pack makes you more equal than others is ultimate ridiculous.

When disease, poverty and hunger strike, it’s with total disregard to our genetic make-up.

For a kikuyu sleeping hungry is in all aspects akin to a mijikenda sleeping hungry too.

A sick luhya is no different to a sick Somali. High interest rates affect all Kenyan equally and so does high inflation rates.

When the cost of living is high, it’s high to all notwithstanding who is the president.

That until we de-ethicize our politics, shall we celebrate our diversity and in it, we’ll find lays our strength as a nation.

Like the renown Prof P.L.O Lumumba; the delight of a luo is a perfect ingredient for a successful Kenya, where combining it with that industrious Kikuyu, the loyalty of a Kamba, the entrepreneurship of a Somali and the dashness of a luhya we will get where we wanted to be years back.

As a matter of facts, what Kenyans want is a secure Kenya, with vast infrastructures to enable her economic take-off, a nation where individual rights are obeyed, and the prosperity of the nation is guarantee with total disregard on which tribal chiefs control which dockets.

A nation where all are treated equally before the eyes of the law and opportunities are availed to all despite their political affiliations, gender or who they love or worship.




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