Meru county governor and the council of governors chairman Honorable Peter Gatirau Munya is on a politically slippery path that will definitely make or break his political destiny. He was once said to be a self made politician after overcoming the NARC affiliated wave that swept the entire nation in 2002 by solely winning the Tigania East parliamentary seat on the lowly rated Safina party. He later went ahead to become an assistant minister in the Kibaki government which generated a narrative to his political scheming antics.

Throughout his career as an MP Peter Munya’s political nemesis remained to be Mpuru Aburi,who always challenged him when Mpuru was fighting it out to win the Tigania East parliamentary seat.

Of late, a political storm has been brewing in the Meru county politics and he seems to be a man walking alone hence he has to choose being in the Jubilee government and follow APK party leader Senator Kiraitu’s direction to dissolve the party or go his own way. Political dies have been cast against him and now we tell the reasons why Munya has cut the hand that Ultimately Feeds him.

  1. He seems to be forgetting Very first

Before Munya’s entry into governor contest in 2013, he squarely teamed with Kiraitu as one of the passagers in the Alliance Party of Kenya bandwagon. APK had missed a driver on the way who was said to be Uhuru Kenyatta. Kiraitu dashed away with the MBUS and formed his own team to fight it out with TNA that had overlooked him while forming the jubilee alliance. Through APK wave that Kiraitu marshaled to challenge TNA, Munya sailed through to where he is now.

  1. Putting Kiraitu’s political wit on test

Kiraitu has been on the political arena longer than almost all Kenyan politicians who are in active politics today safe for CORDS brigade of the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka, James Orengo and Raila Odinga. To marshal a political wave that he enjoys not only in Meru county but Mt. Kenya East, you have to be a genius of your own amking. And as it stands out for now, Munya is battling out against Kiraitu.

  1. The Imenti Dialect factor

Meru county is made up a number of sub-tribes and dialects. Among the sub-tribes, Imenti are the most populous where Munya is said to have gotten a lions share during past general election and the man he is fighting out with now, Kiraitu Murungi hails from and enjoys a strong support. More importantly Imenti politicians campaigned for him whole heartedly after he teamed up with Kiraitu which helped much in ascession to the top seat he holds now. Him being at loggerhead with most fo all Imenti politicians is complicating complicating his maths and ability to sway the region without a backing from this block since he is said to be at loggerheads with his constituents especially the youth.

  1. Political financial muscle

Financial backing is an immense asset in politics. This is putting the governor in a high political sensation bearing in mind many Meru county moguls affliated to APK have abandoned him to fall on Kiraitu’s side. APK side headed by Kiraitu marshaled massive campaign wealth during 2013 general elections and built viable connections almost all over the Meru county business community which brought the duo to power.

  1. Proverbial political prodigal son

When it comes to Mount Kenya East politics, they almost vote as a block and have for a long time teamed up as political region. Munya joined government critics the moment he became a governor which has put him as apolitical prodigal son and making him be at loggerhead with the Jubilee administration which has put him up as a political prodigal son. He is said to be a lone ranger in the region especially after being elected the Council of Governors Chairman.

  1. political party sponsor Effect

Details emerging are that Munya will likely be ousted from the APK party. It is said after their said delegates meeting last weekend which was called by Munya , the faction of the APK led by the governor, endorsed him to form his own party or get back to Safina since he will remains defiant to join JAP. The party effect will simply trickles down to APK, the party that sponsored him in the last elections. This means, he is now on a political duel with APK top leadership and party leader Senator Kiraitu Murungi and he will definitely get ousted out of the party any time.

This narrows down to the fact that he has cut a hand that fed him. It remains a crucial political fight that will define Munya’s survival in Kenyan complicated politics.



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