By Pastor Francis Omedo

People are so accustomed to wearing a disguise before others that eventually we are unable to recognize ourselves. words by>>>Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld

The story of Jacobs’s wife Leah helps us to understand the reasons why people look for the perceived right image.

In the bible, Leah was a woman without self-confidence and self-esteem, insecure and restless. She therefore tries to build an image to regain all the traits she does not have.

When she noted she was not loved, she started giving birth. She wanted to use the children to get what she wanted.

Giving birth represents performance. She wanted to use the gift to outshine the co-wife so that she could win favour.

She chose names of her children according to her emotional circumstance at that time. (Genesis 29:31-35)

We need to breakdown the story to understand the intricacies of this sort of life



In verse 32, she gives birth to the first-born and calls him Reuben that means to be seen. Remembering that, to her, giving birth signifies performance and hard work, she therefore works hard to be identified.

Note that people like her are successful in what they choose to do but their motive is wrong. They outshine the rest to get noticed.

The way they get to seek attention may be varied from putting on expensive clothes, displaying expensive vehicles to doing things that would seek attention.

They would also try to borrow to fulfil a lifestyle they cannot sustain and live beyond their means. They look for something that can add value to them.

Some may work hard to achieve a certain body size or shape to fit in the world’s definition of beauty.

Realise that such people feel insecure and inferior and think that maternal possession and image building adds more value to them.

They feel that they do not have value in themselves unless they add ‘cosmetics’ onto themselves.

Successful people are confident and secure in themselves that they do not seek for material possession to give them value.

With this understanding, it is clear that success is not the amount of material possession but the state of the owner in relation to what he owns.

Sometimes because they feel neglected or taken for granted they may be so aggressive in the move, up the stairs in academic or career, that they may cause those around them to experience the very emotions that they are trying to escape.

There is a deep human need of wanting to be seen. Whenever this desire is not fulfilled, we tend to do a number of things to seek attention.This sometimes may be done unconsciously.

People try to live beyond their means. They borrow money that they do not have to buy things they do not need to impress people they even do not like.

You, may have experienced, those who, to fulfil this desire enter into a financial commitment that keep them broke the rest of their lives just because they want to impress.

Wherever we crave to be seen, we must really reflect in our hearts.  Mostly, we will find some seeds of rejection and non-acceptance somewhere lying deep in the crevices of our hearts.

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