By Brian Rono

Russian Millitary Exploits war on ISIS by testing its latest military fire-power.

Russia’s entrance into fight against the ISIS has been a big concern over a long period of time to the coalition partners led by the US.

This has caused a lot of jitters due to the fact that they have started using their latest military arsenal against a weakling.

russian millitary
russian millitary

The ISIS have a limited military capability that does not warrant such amount of firepower that the Russians are currently using.

It is reported that the Russian air force has deployed SA-17 missile launchers that can launch on air and ground missiles.

Russian miliitary
Russian miliitary

This among many othe advanced military arsenal is causing an alarm over the war on ISIS.

The US, which has dominated the world military arsenals for a long time is so much worried of Putins agenda in Syria.

It is reported that Putin is supporting the Syrian president Assad who is also under a big threat of being ousted by the US led coalition who believe his presence is causing instability in the region.

However, Russia is on a mission to defend the Syrian president. Since the entry of Russia in the war against ISIS, they have successfully managed to defend his millitay through the air support.

Additionally, Russia is using defense missiles of a top caliber such as S-400’S. There capability is way up in relation to the kind of group they are fighting like the ISIS.

Russian Millitary
Russian Millitary

It is a big concern to the entire world since there is a possibility that Russia could even use a nuclear weapon against the group.

What is surprising more is that the Russian military has worked it out in that they have demonstrated to the world that they can attack both Syria and Iraq without deploying an air-craft carrier.

As the other military powers including the US ponder through the developing activities, fingers remain crossed to see what will happen next.



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