The Late Salim Junior’s Story, Mugithi’s Finest and legendry.

Salim Junior was among the most definite Mugithi maestro in Kikuyu Land. His voice was a high volt terminal in delivering the Kikuyu love songs.

He had earned a large fan base that cut across all the divides all over the country. His skills on guitar could be marched to none.

He succumbed after a long illness while being attended to in a Nakuru hospital. Slim was natured and groomed by top Kikuyu musicians and legends of all time that is the likes of Sammy Muraya and the queen of Mugithi love editions, Queen Jane.

Salim had travelled all over Kenya and the world to play his live tunes to his fans. From Dubai to the United States of America, his fans never got enough of his songs.

Surprisingly, Salim had established himself as an icon through a series of renditions that he made and not by doing original songs compositions.

What made him unique is his melodious voice that used to flatten the lyrics that he acquired from original Kikuyu songs that ranged from Kamaru’s top hits, Wanganangu, Sammy Muraya, Waruguiti and many others.

The music fraternity in the country is mourning a legendry that used his voice talent to thrill people.



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