By Liza Njagi

Shocking; Chicks from Nairobi’s Kayole and Kangemi have no idea of what Valentine day is

Valentine is the most dreaded day in Kenya. It breaks and makes others; some get their jaws blown off while others get the best apple share than ever.

Men find it hard to be in their homes on the valentine night for reasons well known to a majority of them.

I don’t know whether it’s for the safety of their flag, so as to caution it from being chopped off by their wives or just because its valentine.

In the aftermath of the valentine day, the media in Kenya normally publicise the day in an immature manner that if you are lucky to have a mama who serves as a housewife, she will assume it’s a day that you have to raise the flag all night long, going by what she gets fed on from the media.

She will care less whether you will use Viagra or any sexual supplement to achieve the status or whichever method you use.

Consequently, if you fail to achieve that wow! Moment, she might do the unexpected. Now, this year 2016, valentine is beckoning.

Men are rushing to try and find out different things that they can offer their missus, I mean different from what they made last year.

However, what will shock you in Kayole and Kangemi slums, just to mention a few, things are very different; they have no idea of what that day is.

Those who have an idea of it, have either migrated to the suburbs while on rounds and heard about it or they are lucky to have fallen as victims of being chips fungas on a previous valentine day, luckily by that drunkard bachelor from donholm.

Johnie, a friend of mine tells me how he found it hard to explain to his former girlfriend shiqo what Valentine ’s Day is. The girl was from Kayole kwa chief area.

This was after he brought a bunch of red rose flowers on one of past valentine days that they spent together.He lives in Kasarani area.

Surprisingly, the occurence led to their break up simply because the girl later confronted him with accusations of blackmail.

Ibra confirms Johny’s assertions.

“You can imagine how we guys in these areas get happy as other people get roasted on that so called valentine’s day;” says Ibra, a resident of mulango.

He adds that most of their girls have no idea of the day, thus they give them a through pass avoiding demands.

Ironically, men in these areas have an idea of what Valentine ’s Day is. Therefore, you looking for a peaceful day during valentine days, shop for sweethearts in these areas.

Indeed they are the happiest people ever around. You think they are? Drop your comment on our twitter haddle; @safarionKenya


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