By Mathioya Mathioya

Shocking Revelations Why Nairobi’s Club Supamambo, a Pensioners and Scribes darling Thrived in oldies, before its crash.

Those lucky to have been born in 80s and early 90s and at the time had an opportunity to have visited the capital city Nairobi at the time; you have an idea of this Nairobi’s alluring club.

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I mean you must have heard about it because either your dad deserted you and your mother at a relative’s home for months after he got his pension which you came to follow up in the city or he sunk all his hardly earned fortunes here without notice.

It was epitomized by journalists, literary genre writers, tourist, and anybody who had a share of Nairobi’s fun, yes! I am talking of Club Supamambo.

It was a medium elegantly neon lit club with a Las Vegas taste located on Park-road Ngara rumored to be a horning ground for Nairobi’s finest strippers.

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The late Wahome Mutahi alias whispers, alluded it in his humorous work pieces. Club Supamambo was a ravellers force to reckon.

It swallowed you into its deep end in seconds. Surprisingly, club Supa Mambo was the pioneer place for the common Kenyan slur, “One for the Road”.

It’s normally rumored that this is because most of its patrons were government pensioners or workers who bypassed over the place to drink at list one beer before heading home.

It was also frequented by naïve villager teachers who came to Nairobi to either follow up their TSC pension scheme cash, land title deeds or land legal cases.

Teachers from village schools who had issues with the TSC also were commoners here. The most intricate thing about club Supa Mambo is that it had a mix of both the young and old Turks.

The so called pensioners of the early 90s and the then working class used to meet here to share a word or two.

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What was interesting about Club SupaMambo is that unlike these days, here, the young used to take the pensioners advice very seriously.

This is why almost everyone who frequented the Club Supa Mambo in those yester years drunk all his salary here and ended up living in shauri their entire life.

Nevertheless, there were unique similarities of all those who used to enjoy a drink at the club supa mambo, they either lived in Uthiru, Kangemi, Nairobi’s shauri moyo, Kayole, Kariokor, Bahati Estate, Umoja and those who were lucky to be a little bossy lived in Nyayo and Makandara.

What attracted most of these patrons was that at the club Supa Mambo lap dances were given free as long as you bought the mistresses a drink.

Most of these men had no problem with money and more worse is that they traced their immediate roots from the village only that they were lucky to be either secretaries in the government offices or errand boys.

Other common patrons at the club Supa Mambo were both Kenyan and local Journalists who up to date write about the memories of the club.

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As years progressed and Nairobi sluggishly approached the new millennium all the way to early year 2000, young girls flocked the club making it more unbearable for the pensioners.

Those patrons who would travel all the way from Kakamega and the most interior parts of Muranga to come and enjoy their salary started shying away from the club when they started complaining of frequent mugging.

Some reported they were regularly dragged into lodging rooms unaware where the following day, they would find themselves with nothing.

Moreover, many strippers’ clubs emerged in Nairobi’s Central business district posing a large threat to the club where the young government workers redirected their energies to.

Additionally, the patrons from within the city migrated to home pubs where they thought it was more secure a culture that has been picked up by the Y generation.

Henceforth, the club Supa Mambo waded slowly to a halt whereby it ultimately crushed closing down its business.

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