President Uhuru Kenyatta has hinted at mediating the haul that has been going around between top Jubilee aspirants who are seeking to gunner the president’s support base for the Nairobi Gubernatorial race.

The president said that he will work as an arbitrator to bring the two together to ensure that the jubilee brigade takes over the Nairobi governor’s seat.  Hence, the two are set to meet to broker a deal that will see the party clinch the seat in un confirmed venue.

Peter Kenneth’s rival Mike Mbuvi Sonko had earlier said that some state house operatives are working around the clock to lock him out of the race.

On Sunday, while on an interview with Citizen TV, the senator lashed out at Peter Kenneth, the former Gatanga MP saying that their political feud was personal.

“I’m not ready for consensus with this person (Kenneth). We know what he did in 2013…he refused to step down for my boss,” he said.

“Let him feel what we felt at that time…I will not accept it even if he steps down to become my running mate.”



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