Spare Us roadside Jabs; Jose Mourinho slams Didier Drogba.

Didier Drogba has not been in the limelight for a while since he headed west to retire his football career there.

The Canadian league that he plays for currently doesn’t have as much media coverage as the English Premier League that he was used to while playing for Chelsea.

Out of nowhere, he appeared this week while promoting his autobiography, a book he is trying to boast sales over and stabbed his former boss, Mourinho on the back.

This did not play well with the current Chelsea boss who was quick to react to his statement, as usual.

Drogba asserted that Chelsea at this time of their dwindling performance is lacking a top character to inspire the team to their highest moments.

He meant the team lacks that inspirational moments that they used to have during Chelsea hey days, mmh?

The day Chelsea was making headlines on the world sports news. He added that the only notable character currently to depend on is John Terry.

However, Mourinho was quick to reply to Drogba’s assertions. He said Drogba gives notable points; however, this one comment during the interview was just a means of promoting his book.

The all-time Ivory Coast top scorer and top striker in Montreal Club which is a Canadian club, that the star currently plays for was trying to throw a jab to his former clubs manager who, as a matter of fact made Didier Drogba who he is to his age.

Chelsea has been struggling to regain its top form this season. Many sports pundits were predicting a possible Mourinho ouster at the beginning of the season a dream that has left all of them wondering on what the billionaire owner Roman Abbromavich was contemplating on doing, the moment he will issue a statement.

Last season, when Jose Mourinho bounced back to Chelsea, he called on the Ivorian striker to come and salvage his ship which seemed to have been sinking swiftly.

His action whoever paid a little since he was able to contain the rival clubs Manchester United Arsenal and the Manchester city noise makers Man City.

The Chelsea boss meant his former top choice striker was trying to use Chelsea to promote his book and boost its sales. Mourinho, really?


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