By Brian Rono

Tanzania’s Magufuli Bolts In Kenyans For a Forceful Repatriation.

Tanzania has made it, not to the European or Asians who are normally perceived to be outsiders in the African continent but to fellow Africans.

To bring a short recap in relation to this Forceful repatriation of foreigners from a country, it happened many years ago. Surprisingly, it happened in Africa.

This was in the year 2000, when we were warming up to a new millennium. President Mugabe of Zimbabwe was the engineer behind the action, although; crazy Idi Amin had earlier on done it.

It was a big surprise to the whole world that brought everything into a standstill as it headlined news. Donors withdrew there support over Zimbabwe after the action.

This translated into an economic crisis that has gone all the way to the 21st century. Mugabe ordered the European farmer settlers out of Zimbabwe and ordered them to surrender their land to the government and later on went ahead to sub-divide it amongst his cronies.

This time round, it is happening in our own African soil to our fellow black men once again, additionally, it’s in our doorstep and to even complicate the things, it is Tanzania a member of the East African community that is doing this.

Magufuli the current serving president of the Tanzanian republic has pulled a surprising executive order that is likely to injure the country’s, relationship with its neighbors, moreover, Kenya, to whom the stunt is said to be directed at.

Reasons behind the direction to repatriate all foreign citizens without a work permit will largely affect the Kenyans who have the largest business entities share compared to the home citizens of the country and also even when compared to other foreigners.

Kenyans are said to have trooped to Tanzania in large numbers over the last decades where there has been a free flow of the East African community members citizens.

They have taken over all available business opportunities together with general and professional employment opportunities.

Graduates from Kenya are said be running the shots in the professional endeavors dwarfing the native Tanzanian, to whom the opportunity is supposed to be handed over.

However, this is not the only way the president should have gone in an attempt to resolve the issue of reducing competition that has been paused over the countries citizens.

There is other measure that could have been taken to cool down the problem. One of them could have been the educational empowerment of the native Tanzanian; this definitely will reduce the influx of foreigner taking over the professional opportunities from them.

Secondly, stringent immigration legislations that there parliament should have taken. But for this one, Magufuli is wrong.


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