Kenyans are funny by nature. They find themselves in unique acts wherever they go because of who they are.

From the estate where some live to the bar where they drink all the way to restaurants, a Kenyan will always be Kenyan. When they go overseas, they still remain to be Kenyans.

These are the annoying,funny things that Kenyans do that denotes them from anyone else.


  1. Yelling in clubs while watching football

In Kenya, men have taken it as a responsibility to watch football everywhere they see a screen with eleven people running after a round object inn a field, even if it is a match between a small village team in Korea against another from Somali republic. The most annoying thing is that when a goal or a foul is committed, they all rise up in disarray with their hands up while yelling and groaning at the top of their voices.


  1. Quarrelling with touts over non-issues

Kenyans rarely own cars but when they get on other peoples vehicles or Matatus, they will never fail to complain over this or that. This behavior is prevalent in public service vehicles where commuters and passagers have taken it in their mind that they own all roads. Whenever a person pays fare with an extra coin, the two parties always get suspicious of one another. A commuter will confront a tout over a ten shilling change when alighting whereas they had a whole distance to their destination to ask for their balance. More absurdly, they do this at the top of their voices. When a vehicle is stuck in the jam, they will yell at the driver over his inexperience that will cost them to being late for their jobs even when it is not necessary.


  1. Negotiating for anything everywhere

A Kenyan will negotiate for everything that they know isn’t profiting them since they suspect all people ere out to profit from their toil. They will negotiate for mutura, matumbo, chipo mwitu and an additional piece of meat with a butcher. Kenyans will walk in a hotel, ask for soup in a makeshift hotel and consequently, start complaining how light it is. They will ask for ugali saucer but will not get enough of it, they take it that the man serving in kitchen has short-changed them and there and then start complaining.


  1. Complaining about their pastor

Kenyans love spiritual growth. They will walk into any church for prayers and become the congregation, interact with the pastor and even join the church choir.

However, when they become part of the flock and some of their expectations are not met, they start complaining about the pastor, ooh! The pastor is swindling us money with projects, ooh! The pastor has a new car bought with offering, ooh! The pastor’s wife is a drunkard and many other irrelevant complains.



  1. Smoking Everywhere

A Kenyan smoker will light cigarette anywhere in this world.

Despite the fact that this has some health implications to others, they will smoke even in restaurants without taking into consideration that some hotels have smoking zones.


  1. Feuding fights over tips with waiters and later preying them for sex

A Kenyan drunkard will ask for beer in a local pub without doing maths to attract the waiter.

When the bill is bumped on their table, they complain to the waiters over what they have taken but as they take in more, they now realize the waiter is so beautiful and consequently, start negotiating for a sleep over in a hotel.


  1. Complaining about family and close friends

A Kenyan will complain about their family everywhere whenever they get a call from any of their relative.

They will complain how their friends drink their whole salary to the last coin and not give back through the African hospitality style of ‘kurudisha’ mkono.

In the contrary, they are they do similarly the same to their colleagues but complain about it in another version

Nevertheless, its Kenyans and that’s what makes who they are.



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