By Brian Rono

The Nandi Power Brokers and Political Acumen from South Rift in Jubilee Government.

The rift valley voting block has been a source of vote on demand from Moi era to date.

Clicks of powerful individuals that have been emerging over the decades to stand out as King-Makers, have always withstood the wave to be the undisputable merchants for top government positions.

Over years, sources have indicated that the appointment of top government officials in all the governments including the current Jubilee administration, normally take the concerns of these individuals serious in relation to the later.

Among the common political acumen has been Nicholas Biwott who among other political incubents has been making heavy shot on political grounds.

Recent cabinet appointments are an example. In earl 90s and 80s, in the South Rift region, former Member of Parliament for Belgut Chepkwony Ayub was said to have been a self-made power broker.

He was among those who president Moi gave a ear in any matter relating to that region. Jonathan Arap Nge’no was also undisputable political King-maker during the KANU era.

The group maintained a high profile status in the state house and whenever you would like to access the top leadership, if you were from those regions; you had to get that privilege from them.

Another undisputable Kipsigis leader in matters relating to political helms was Dr. Towet, he was an independence maestro and also served in the powerful education ministry.

Towet had served as a Member of Parliament from the then constituencies in the South Rift.

In late 1990’s Donald Kones also made his name before transferring the powerful position to the current cabinet secretary nominee Charles Keter who has made his name by being among the most trusted confidents of DP Ruto.

In the larger North Rift region, the late Ezekiel Bargetuny was undisputable in the area and also Mark Too.

These together with others within the successive governments have made the shots in relation to political matters.

The replacement of the ousted cabinet secretary Mr.Koskei by Willy Bett, who are from the larger Nandi County played out in some sources with indications pointing out that they were flouted by those powerful King-Makers.




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