By Ndirangu Wambugu


In my world of I freelancing I normally do meet many people, people from all walks of life and in different set ups but one thing remains constant, they are always opinionated and every now and then I bumped into others who are informed as well.

A combination of informed and opinionated is always the icing of the cake in as much as choosing a crew to hang out is concerned.

So yesterday I was lucky and amidst roasted arrow roots and a cup of goat milk, a fellow son of the soil, mastered the moment and rose to take us through a trip.

Yes, a trip through his deep thoughts.

After a heartily chew of nduma and sips of the goat milk, all of which had been served generously, to clear his throat the patriot asked for our apology for disrupting our merrymaking.

We certainly knew like the wise men of ibo, the kola nut had been broken and the trip was marked to begin.

I appreciated the comfort of the daily routine, peace and repetition.

I enjoy them as much as bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration whereby important events of the days often marked with people’s death or the end of awful bloody struggle, are celebrated with a nice holiday.

I propose we remember today by taking some time out of our daily routines and sit down for a little chat.

Of course, there are those amidst us who don’t want to speak. I suspect orders being made now with guns being gutted towards them now.

Words retain power in them and offer means to meaning and those who will listen, truth get out and the truth is that something is definitely wrong with our country.

All sense of intolerance has become full in this world, you cannot express yourself freely as it used to be. How did this happen and who is to blame?

I know why you did it, it’s only you are afraid. War, terror, disease trust me, they are a million problems which as a matter of fact is a conspired ideal meant to corrupt your reasoning.

And with no much of a ceremony, the patriot was done navigating us his thought.

His four men audience seemed lost in deep thoughts and eventually we left, one after the other pondering, thinking and wondering ‘when ever shall we rise up to reclaim our roles as our very masters of our destinies?’



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