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The rise and fall of Jose mourinho.

Despite the fact that he has been among the most sought over football management and coach all over the world, Jose mourinho’s spell came to a halt after the clubs management agreed mutually with the parties to mutually part ways with the coach.

Mourinho’s record over the last one season has been dismally poor without nothing to show for.

Chelsea had brought him back so as to atlist bring Chelsea back to life after a long dry spell that had threatened the clubs successes which it had previously gained.


Mourinho’s legacy at Chelsea

Jose has been instrumental to the club, bringing in a Champions league cup to the Chelsea cup safes which the club had previously never seen since it’s inception.

Consequently, he remains to be among the most successful club manager and coach the club has seen in over a decade.

During Mourinhos long stint at Chelsea, he has brought in three league tittle cups, alongside, an FA cup title, a community shield cup and a champions league cup.

The club’s board and management added that he was welcome at chelsea any time he felt like getting back.


Clash with Chelsea’s medical team

Hose Mourinho’s woes started the moment he started show offs. He has severally fought with Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger and in field feuds.

Typically, during his tenure, Mourinho has clashed with the club’s doctor alongside other people in the club.


His Fall-Out with Chelsea owner Roman Ibramovich

This led to dragging in of the FA management who helped in ironing out the matter after it fell on their table. Mourinho has also been involved in a number of wrangles with the club’s owner Roman Ibramovich who is said to be an instrumental figure whenever any coach at Chelsea makes the selection of the top team to play any match.


Mourinho’s successes

However, Mourinho has a legacy in with his name. He has made money especially bearing in mind he is among the most sought over coach in the world due to his successes.

Being a Portuguese, it remains in mystery whether the coach will take up a coaching role with his home national team that dearly requires a total redemption.



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